"Cyprus .... a land famous in all ages. The rosy realm of Venus, the romantic kingdom of the Crusaders."

Cyprus, a little world in itself.... no wild beasts or reptiles disturb the
solitude. The water is sweet and cool, the wine is nectar and the
food plain but good; above all, I know that my grave will be
respected and that kind hands will close my eyes."

The singular interest of the history of Cyprus is primarily due to its geographical position. There is no country whose fortunes have been more varied, or which has reflected more faithfully the ebb and flow of races. It has been the meeting-place of Aryan and Semite,of West and East,of Egypt and Asia, of Christian and Moslem. Possessed in turn by great monarchies of the East, by Greeks, Arabs, Crusaders, Turks, and Christians,it has been in the forefront of every racial and religious struggle until, finally after   a   transitional period during which it was occupied by a Christian Power of the West, while paying tribute, as in the earliest times, to an Eastern master, it has been numbered amongst the possessions of the British Crown.

In 1960, after a four year uprising, struggle and unrest Cyprus gained its Independence and joined the League of Nations.

History of Cyprus